“Power-Exam” Online Exam Platform

Power-Exam Online Exam Software based on Cloud on Demand.
 a complete exam software including all type of questions like
MCQ, T/F, Matching, Short-Answer & Long-Answer type, various
Languages like English, Bengali, Hindi, Schedule Exam Date & time ,
Percentage Calculation , Ranking , Correct Answer , Explanetion , Emailing
Result , Pc as well as Mobile friendly apps . Online Payment
Integration .
Steps for Students for taking Test ——–
1) Log-in using their provided Id & Password.
2) Site will automatically redirect to Exam page – My Exam
3) Exams are listed according to their group , class or section. So only
own exams are visible
4) On the Exam list Exam open or close date are available ,
5) Click on the Exam title find the Exam description & start button.
6) After the Exam click on My Result on that Exam see the reasult
details with correct answers.

Steps for Institutions fro adding Exam ——–
1) Log-in using their Institute Id & Password.
2) Then go to page Institution ( Students don’t have access this page)
3) Click Add New Class , Fill the form & save it , Don’t change the
Institute Id , your E-mail is your Id.
4) Then Add Exam , fill the exam form according to your needs.
5) Then Create new question , all type of questions are available .
6) Add questions according to your needs.
7) Now your Exam is ready.
Check it use
User id – demo_86 , Password – demo123

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How Power-Exam works

Student’s Instructions

“Easy Sell” Smart Online Seller’s Platform

 Easy Sell is very optimized platform where sellers can sell their products , once seller register with us we will provide STORE ID , so that he can Add edit create orders.

  1. We use paypal as onlinepayment service .

Image , Gellery , Product category , Product options ,all are included .

Saperate location for each product  can also be added So that customer can have store pickup.

Language Customization Also available as per request .

To check the functions as customer use Id – demo , Password – demo .
As a seller use ID – demoseller , Password – demoseller 

Details video tutorials as below ->

Video Tutorial as Customer

  • Mnew2
  • Mobi1
  • Mobi2
  • mobile2

Video Tutorial as a Seller

Easy Sell Marketplace , open free platform for sellers.

In this platform where multiple sellers can create there stores according to their area pin code & store type .

Each store have own product listing. Products can be accessed through the store and also in the product page.

& Each product has it’s own store identification. please follow the below video instructions for details tutorials.


  • Screenshot_20200504-114834
  • Screenshot_20200504-113338
  • Screenshot_20200504-113412
  • Screenshot_20200504-114738
  • Screenshot_20200504-114806